Nuera Telecom - Unathorized charges of $1289 on my credit card

Not resolved

I signed up for phone service one month later there is $1000 charges on my credit card and nobody to attend the call. If you will receive call from this company they will insist on not to search name on google because they have so many customers with complaints.

Do not buy any services with name Nuera Telecom website

I put the card charges on disputes but taking pain to write this complaint as you should not have similar experience. This is fake company just to rip off people.

I am complaing to better business buerau as well.

Nuera telecommunications

Madison, Wisconsin 0 comments

a friend reffered me to the Nuera telecommunications as i buy phone card to call overseas .

and they sign me up that i will get cheaper rates and also $6 of free trial calls .

low and behold after two weeks they took $38 from my credit card and after calling them to ask why they told me the person who signed me up is not there to talk to me .

they cancelled my service and after a month the took another $65.48 from my credit card again and this time when i call them nobody picks up the customers service phone..

Stay away from them they are scam

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